The Interview Process


Come in, take a seat, make yourself
comfortable; this process will last as
long as your patience.

Show me your resume, the amount
of hearts you’ve wasted,
and tell me what you have to offer.

But don’t speak with your mouth,
speak with your eyes and show me
the force between two poles.

Magnetize me, pull me in,
like a thread through a needle’s
eye and cover this nude body.

Tell me a little about your experience:
Are you a beast in the woods, or a
baby wrapped in a virgin’s toga?

Are you a stone wall who never breaks,
or perhaps a flow of emotions which
sometimes pours onto the floor?

Have you ever curled up next to the
idea of perfection, or do your
aspirations lie pale on pale?

Hispanic or Latino, Native American,
Asian, Black, White or Other?
It doesn’t matter which box is checked.

Your references, I could careless
about their numbers and addresses,
boxer-briefs or secret dresses.

The sky is my preference,
from the top of the mountains to
the bottom valley and their streams.

Are you the rocks they course
through, or the misty daze at the
base of a waterfall?

Will you stay for more than a month,
a year, three years, or leave when in
the middle of a dream?

I have fired many before the
word “boy” ever had a chance to
blend with “friend.”

I’ve extinguished them, watered down
the embers and let smoke fly into
the air, and you no different.

Until you can touch my skin and
dazzle the planetarium within will
I let you count my freckle’s constellations.

Under skills you have placed the
tongue, the fingers and the pelvic area;
all the tasteful parts of a man.

But is your spirit able to be xeroxed,
faxed, sent in a message and delivered
to the mind’s office?

Where shall I store you, exactly?
In the returns, the write-ups,
the business deals or trash bin?

Are you the special kind of person
I’m looking for, the one who actually
tells the truth on their application?

Or could you be the liar, the one
who fibs about his education and
smiles like a training video?

The perfect fit, the cog, the morning
turn-over in a fog and a warm embrace;
what can you give  my company?

Everything or nothing? Something
old, something new, something
borrowed, something blue.

Are you single or divorced?
Are you a widower who longs for
his lover’s ghostly lament?

Have you ever been arrested?
Is your only crime that which bares
the guilt of pulling him under?

And finally, I want to know why
you believe I should pick you like
a precious honey suckle.

I’ve asked all I need to ask,
there are others who I need to see,
if I’m interested, I will contact you.

April 2017


Published by


I have currently been busy with life and I will be re-publishing older poems. New poems will come. I'm always under construction.

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