You are stardust, sparkling in the
wind that carries us through life.
You are a ram, heavy-headed
and fire at the top of the mountain.
A minotaur trapped in a maze, stubborn
as a concrete wall with a glass spirit.
A crustacean crawling amongst
moody shores that churn emotions.
Double-spirited, good and evil,
charmed and curious all at once.
A lion with a mane that glows like the
sun, your spirit ignites full of pride.
Virgin silk, your toga is whiter
and more pure than snow rose.
You’re on the fence, balancing polar
opposites and calculating distance.
Dark as venom with the passion of a
gothic novel, the depth of your soul
Stings like an arrow, but more kind than
cherub, a child who cannot hold fragility.
Grit and steel as strong as your bones,
a tail in the sea and horns to the sky.
A jar full of water that keeps a stream
flowing though the boulders of life.
The last and a heavy burden, whose feet
push against an ocean’s force.
You are stardust, a child of the universe
that is carried by the creator.

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I have currently been busy with life and I will be re-publishing older poems. New poems will come. I'm always under construction.

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