How Dare You Mock John McCain


The comment section will always reveal the truth about humanity, and when I saw a horde of people posting messages about how John McCain isn’t an American hero, mocking his brain tumor, calling him old and pretty much assassinating his character and treating him like toilet paper, I found myself asking, “What the everlasting fuck is wrong with people?”

And no, this is not because I’m a Democrat who is only siding with John McCain because he isn’t for the GOP’s healthcare bill. Even when he had that yapping Alaskan as his running mate and ran against my favorite president, I still found myself saying, “You know, I don’t agree with any of his policies, but damn if he isn’t a hero.”

This man spent 5 years in a POW camp, was stabbed with bamboo and tortured to the point where he looked drugged-up. Yet, Peter Patterson of Whitesville, Kentucky sits behind his keyboard and talks shit, because his liberal tears fetish wasn’t satisfied and he was looking forward to something to jack-off to. You know, that’s all a Trump supporter can do: Talk shit. They talk shit and wonder why they get hit.

Don’t you fucking dare come at me about Colin Kaepernick if you’re the kind to say John McCain isn’t an American hero and support a man who said, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

And honestly, I use to low-key criticize Kaepernick, but after a year of living in the Trump era and hearing his supporters crucify John McCain, I can’t stand for an America that is just about being a dick. I can’t stand for the American dream of being obnoxious and metaphorically farting in people’s faces as their only argument is, “He won, get over it, fuckhead!

And honestly, it’s less about Donald Trump and more so the base he entertains. And I love this country! I have written love poems to America and I respect veterans (even the Republican ones). I love the civil rights history and how we reached the moon. I love the freedom that I’ve been blessed with and how we came together after 9/11.

But this red-white-n-blue South Park episode fueled by Mountain Dew, arrogance, bullying and the simple policy of “Fuck Hillary”? No. I will sit; however, I will stand for a tired veteran who needs to rest and give him my chair. 

I Left My Home Town. No, I Don’t Miss It.


I really, really, really wish I could sit here and go on about nostalgia, the Southern charm and small town, wholesome values, but I can’t. The truth of the matter is, I’m so glad I left and I don’t know why didn’t leave sooner.

Ok. The only thing I miss is the local bakery. Ya’ll get a shout out for having the best burgers and cakes! Other than that, the whole place can stew in the swamp of ignorance and remain blood-curdling angry over… wait for it… liberals.

Oh God. I know. The L-Word, the terrorists, the dot heads, the queers, the transgender, the abortion clinic Starbucks and all their little yuppies who talk about fine art and Classics. Bernie Who? The big communist and screw anyone who has a bumper sticker of him. This is barefoot land! We’re Republicans simply because it’s what rednecks do! A guy who drinks Mountain Dew and goes to the river… and is a Democrat? Now, that’s just loony talk.

Yeah. I don’t fucking miss you at all.

Bill Maher, for whom I have a love/hate relationship with, summed you up perfectly. Here’s a link where he discusses the town mouse and the country mouse. Oh, I know… hUfFinGtOn PoSt. It’s not FOX news or Weekly World News or The National Enquirer, so you’re probably going to say it’s fake news; however, there’s a video where you can watch his message come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Again, I will link it here.

“You didn’t make America great again, you enrolled in Trump University,” he says.

And so the nail meets hammer.

Oh, but this really isn’t about Donald Trump, although that was the stake in the coffin for me. No, your bullshit has been going on for years before that man took the stage and extracted your fears and made you angry. It was even before Obama when the rednecks sat in Hardee’s and felt defeated because a black guy took office in 2008. It was before George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The truth is, you’ve always been this way.

Barefoot, ignorant, and 2-dimensional.

And honestly, nothing is going to change you, because you’re too afraid to step out of your butter-thick mind and embrace life. In a Platonic sense, you will always sit in the cave and watch NASCAR when there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… because the moist, dripping walls of the cave is all you’ve ever known.

No, I am not better than you. I shit, I piss, I make mistakes and I am humbled to merely have this amazing chance to be alive. But the tragedy is, you think you’re better than everyone else just because they want to be cultured. However, understand that there are two people in this country:

There are those who voted for a woman who didn’t win, and there are those who voted for a loser.

By the way, speaking of the unemployed witch of the woods who lives in a gingerbread house and drinks wine, I must ask… isn’t Hillary Clinton suppose to be in prison? I mean, isn’t that what you voted for?



Dear Internet and the few followers on this page…

I have deleted all poems or writings on this blog. Why? Because I used this as a journal to write and practice poetry. I was not aware until my instructor told me that once something has been published on the internet, it can never be published in real life. To anyone out there who may have found a poem that connects back to this site, know that it is mine and I did create it.

Until then, this blog will post ramblings or thoughts. Not poetry. Thank you.

[personal quotes]

“I long to meet a person who makes me genuinely smile and cry tears of joy.”

“I submerge my body underwater, and as long as I can hold my breath, the hullabaloo of my thoughts are at ease.”

“Your life is a journal and your past is composed of mark-outs and scratch-outs and mistakes. The tragedy is, they are written in pen and cannot be erased.”

“Men either want to taste you or use you. Very seldom is there one who wants to slowly fall into your abyss and see the light.”

“Take me a place where you will always love me, where autumn tress burn vibrant with the setting sun. Open me up, observe this ruby heart, keep my secrets and pin me down like a butterfly. Hold my trust as if it were an infant, and know my intentions are pure.”

“Did you know that I once loved you? Sometimes I find myself thinking about you. Sometimes I wish you could’ve loved yourself as much as you hated yourself. I miss you, and then realize you were only a passing phase. And now my heart is entirely for someone else to take.”

“I feel as if I am a flower, because I’m only wanted for my beauty, and with every wilting effort I pick myself apart and say, “He loves me, he loves me not.” The only difference is that I’ve selected my own vase and I’m drowning in it. My only hope is that one day I will blossom to my full potential.”

“I’m tired of getting my hopes up and then crashing back into a dull reality. And I’m not even sad about it, just numb in this great oblivion.”

“There is a difference between being angry and being hurt. Anger is something you can easily get over, while pain is a force that never goes away, even after you’ve healed.”

“To women who think being gay is a choice, ask yourself, what sane person would choose to want to put up with a guy’s bullshit?”

“I believe my ability to see the good in people is more so blinded by the hope to see the good in people.”

“The greatest fear to impose mankind is the willingness to acquire assistance, because the pain of rejection isn’t as bad as the perception of appearing absolutely pathetic.”

“The tragedy about life is when it’s not eating away at your physical health, it’s taking a toll on your mental health.”

“They are always say that it rains the hardest on people who deserve the sun; however, don’t be fooled. Sometimes those in the sun are stranded in the desert.”

“What kills us the most is the expectation that the apples of our eyes can never rot or be tasted by others.”